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Front-end Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

  • How to compare 2 objects in JavaScript
  • What is Angular Life Cycle methods
  • What is design patterns in javascript
  • What is promise and why we use it for ?
  • how to improve performance of website and how to optimize the website ?
  • if you have multiple images like 200 images in landing website. how do you speed up website loading?
  • what is srcset in image tag? how you load different resolution images?
  • add authentication middleware for those routes which having "user" keyword in route like
  • difference betwwen redux vs new Context API in React JS 16.7
  • What is HOC ?
  • what is renderprops in react? how to use it?
  • how to do serverside rending in react?
  • how to improve SEO of website
  • write a function in javascript to clone any object
  • write a function to get all the sub array of main given array which sum is 25
  • what is AMP in html for mobile apps?
  • how to lazy load pages in react
  • make div center without translate and transform in IE
  • why use icon fonts
  • define spacificity of class, element and id ?
  • what is line height ?
  • select 3rd element of nth- pesedo class?
  • what are the react hooks?