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AWS Tutorial for beginners in Hindi | AWS Full Course Hindi - Learn AWS In 5 Hours

This AWS Tutorial video will be a great starter for beginners and will also take them deep enough to aspire an AWS Certified Solutions Architect role. Following pointers will be covered in this session:

Introduction 00:00:00

Agenda 00:00:54

Cloud Computing Fundamentals 00:02:00

How Cloud Computing Helps 00:08:53

What Is Cloud Computing 00:14:32

Cloud Service Models(SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) 00:23:22

Cloud Deployment Models 00:34:21

Cloud Computing Myths: 00:43:03

Cloud Services Providers 00:51:34

What Is AWS? 00:56:52

AWS career 01:01:14

Role Based Certifications 01:08:44

AWS certifications 01:23:31

AWS Global infrastructure 01:37:38

AWS Core Service Domains 01:50:04

AWS Free Tier and AWS Console 01:59:30

AWS Compute Services 02:02:45

AWS Elastic Load Balancer 02:07:45

Types Of Elastic Load Balancers 02:14:40

AWS Autoscaling 02:16:44

Amazon EC2 02:20:29

Amazon EC2: Instances 02:24:00

Amazon EC2 Instance Types 02:27:33

Amazon EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk Demo 2:36:47

AWS Storage Services 03:00:23

AWS Cloud Storage Myths 03:08:45

Amazon Elastic Blockstore 03:20:24

Amazon S3 03:30:32

Amazon Glacier 3:50:40

AWS Security Services 3:53:51

AWS Database Services 04:05:28

AWS Networking Services 04:17:40

AWS DevOps Services 04:38:44

Great Learning's AWS Tutorial For Beginners portrays insights into concepts like AWS Storage, Compute, Organisation, ...

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