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Freelancer - Full Stack Web Developer, Android & iOS Developer, Software Developer

At TecMeadows, based out of Guwahati, Assam. We believe in delivering quality solutions to Programming & Tech (IT, Software, Android Apps, iOS Apps) Graphics & Designs, Digital Marketing, and Video & Animations related predicaments with innovation in technology.

TecMeadows comprises of engineers, developers and various IT professionals capable of handling projects which specializes in web, mobile technologies, animations also in graphical designs. With core strength in project management, from basic architecture design to project planning, resource allocation, and execution, we have a team that workst in tandem to reach the ultimate objectives.

We try to outstand in each and every project undertaken. We adopt technologies keeping in mind the end beneficiaries and maintain global standards in process and delivery without compromising the quality.

We get this question a lot. Should I learn web or mobile programming first? And which is more difficult? Web or mobile app programming? We understand.

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